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Services & Other Services

    liouguei district public health center ,kaohsiung city   Services & Other Services

    Liukuei region Health Center outpatient services
    First, general out-patient services:
    * Forest Hung-physician profile:
    "Former experiences: pain Department of Kaohsiung Medical College / Anesthesiologists; Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Department of family medicine physician "
    Note: referral services, chronic drug prescription led, high-tech inspection.
    * Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Ophthalmology physicians supporting physicians clinic schedule: first Thursday of each month in the morning
    "The Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital to support the eye clinic: Ophthalmology physicians offer a variety of eye diseases, eye care, presbyopia, myopia, chronic diseases (diabetes) fundus examination on a regular basis ... .. And other services. 】
    Second, infant vaccination: every Monday morning 8:40-12:00 Flu vaccine in the elderly: from Monday to Friday working hours can be injected
          "Take space and senior nursing staff to provide injection services, vaccines and have throughout the temperature system control saves electricity. 】       
    Third, long-term home care services:
           "Among the masses to the application, by physicians and nursing staff to provide free home to house services: such as the replacement of the Naso-gastric tube, Catheter, gas pipe cutting ... . And so on. 】
    Four, free health checks for children, adult universal health insurance health screening, cervical smear screening service, oral cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening, women breast
             Examinations, health examinations for the elderly ... ... . And so on. 
    Five, "" smoking cessation clinic "service: Penang free smoking cessation classes and ring class.
    Six, administrative inspection, issuing death certificates, medical inspection health inspection.
    Seven, health center medical team and the Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital support services such as physician services team.
    Eight, the clinic staff are national civil servants after official exam certification, professional qualifications and the heart of a dedicated service dedicated to your service.