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Public service

    Liouguei District Public Health Center,  Kaohsiung City

    No.16, Minjhih Rd., Liouguei Dist., Kaohsiung City 84441, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


    Excellent quality of service is a necessary condition of any first-class country or high-performance government. We all understand that without good health it is very difficult to be truly happy or hopeful.

    Every member of our Health Station shares this philosophy. We are attentive and conscientious and are guided by the principle of inexpensive, efficient and convenient service. We are a front line unit that keeps its promise to provide the public with health care. We work hard for the public's health without tiring, without complaint and with a friendly attitude.

    In our primary healthcare work , we start with an enthusiastic and friendly attitude, contribute our efforts with others to the task and seek the greatest happiness for the public. We carefully follow a “total service policy”: comprehensive service, full resource service, quick service, enthusiastic service, big picture thinking, long-range view, full mobilization, rapid performance, cooperative service, exceeding people's expectations with all our might.