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    Kaohsiung Six Turtle District Health Institute Winning the "Public Sector Oscar"

    The "Government Service Award" of the Executive Council, known as the "Oscar of the Public Sector", has been announced. 2 List of the winning organs, a total of 177 agency to participate in the award and select 30 years winners, 9 The award was personally presented by President Su Zhenchang, and the Kaohsiung Municipal Government was awarded the honor by the Lands Bureau and the Six Turtles District Health Institute. The High Municipal Lands Bureau, with the project "BEST Price for You - Master the Data, Value Is Sustainable", was awarded by the judges by setting up a Kaohsiung real price sharing zone to help the public obtain the land price information they needed. The Project Planning Organ Award, while the Six Turtle District Health Institute in Kaohsiung City was awarded the "Total Service Organ" Award for its efforts to transform a single-function health clinic into integrated all-person care.

     Kaohsiung City Six Turtle District Health Institute is to be in the ground aging as the original intention, is committed to the single-function health clinic into integrated all-human care, the promotion of rural kidney services, peaceful home care, gynaecological clinic, to promote the six turtle area in the gender health care equal rights, deep cultivation of the flag beauty 9 Regions, the development of integrated rehabilitation services. In addition, Kaohsiung City Tax and Tax Collection Office for enterprise taxpayers, residents of the rural areas and commuters to move to the city and city people, to create a number of cross-regional, customer system, e-service, also won the current government service award finalists.

     Kaohsiung City Government has always been committed to the improvement and promotion of the quality of services for the people, each year won the government service award, since the merger of the county and city, won the award and the number of finalists six are ranked second, the future will continue to show the spirit of innovation to meet the needs of the people, to provide the people with the most intimate service, to create a people-oriented sense of the new municipal services.

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